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The App That Makes Calculating Easier Than Ever – 4.5/5 stars :

Underneath the surface of Solutionist‘s simple UI is a complex and powerful system… – 4/5 stars :

You are only limited by your own imagination.. An incredibly powerful app. – 4 / 5 stars :

Solutionist is a simple, yet sophisticated app that allows you to save a formula or a sequence of formulae and create calculation templates. Once created, all you have to do is to enter inputs and get the outputs.


* Create custom multi-step calculation templates (Calcs).
* A calc can contain a sequence of formulae.
* Multiple inputs and outputs for each calc.

iPhone 6s Plus

* Condition based formula usage: Assign different formulae for a field based on condition.
* Text message in output field: Because a number is not what you always want from a calculator. Eg) You need a BMI calculator to say if you are “healthy” or “overweight”.


* Share your creations via Airdrop, mail or any other file management app installed on your device.
* Folder structured arrangement of calcs for ease of access.

iPhone 7

* Swipe right to copy, swipe left to paste.


Here are some example calcs created by Solutionist users for their own personal needs

* Discount calculator for shopping
* Taxi fare calculator for one’s own city
* Custom tax calculator
* Custom brokerage calculator for trading
* BMI calculator for health
* Impedance calculator for Sound Engineering
* Custom weight calculator at industries

"You are only limited by your own imagination.. An incredibly powerful app." :


* Intelligent typing assistance – keypad automatically grays out irrelevant buttons, guiding a valid formula entry.
* Intelligent warnings – to prompt in case of oversight mistakes.
* Thoughtfully designed and integrated feature set makes Solutionist a unique and powerful tool.


* Set a prefix or suffix for values. “25 inches” makes a lot more sense than just “25”
* Round/floor/ceil outputs up to 5 decimals. No one needs an endless list of decimal digits.


All the features and sophistication are hidden behind a simple, clean and intuitive interface.

Requires iOS 7 and up. Airdrop works only on compatible devices. This app is not yet optimized for the iPad.

Minor bug fixes

america vs cruz azul

Sample BMI formula has been updated to the US standard.

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