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The App That Makes Calculating Easier Than Ever – 4.5/5 stars :

Underneath the surface of Solutionist‘s simple UI is a complex and powerful system… – 4/5 stars :

You are only limited by your own imagination.. An incredibly powerful app. – 4 / 5 stars :

Solutionist is a simple, yet sophisticated app that allows you to save a formula or a sequence of formulae and create calculation templates. Once created, all you have to do is to enter inputs and get the outputs.


* Create custom multi-step calculation templates (Calcs).
* A calc can contain a sequence of formulae.
* Multiple inputs and outputs for each calc.
* Condition based formula usage: Assign different formulae for a field based on condition.
* Text message in output field: Because a number is not what you always want from a calculator. Eg) You need a BMI calculator to say if you are “healthy” or “overweight”.
* Share your creations via Airdrop, mail or any other file management app installed on your device.
* Folder structured arrangement of calcs for ease of access.


* Swipe right to copy, swipe left to paste.


Here are some example calcs created by Solutionist users for their own personal needs

* Discount calculator for shopping

boris johnson

* Taxi fare calculator for one’s own city
* Custom tax calculator
* Custom brokerage calculator for trading
* BMI calculator for health
* Impedance calculator for Sound Engineering
* Custom weight calculator at industries

"You are only limited by your own imagination.. An incredibly powerful app." :


* Intelligent typing assistance – keypad automatically grays out irrelevant buttons, guiding a valid formula entry.


* Intelligent warnings – to prompt in case of oversight mistakes.
* Thoughtfully designed and integrated feature set makes Solutionist a unique and powerful tool.


* Set a prefix or suffix for values. “25 inches” makes a lot more sense than just “25”
* Round/floor/ceil outputs up to 5 decimals. No one needs an endless list of decimal digits.


All the features and sophistication are hidden behind a simple, clean and intuitive interface.

Requires iOS 7 and up. Airdrop works only on compatible devices. This app is not yet optimized for the iPad.

Minor bug fixes

iOS 8

Sample BMI formula has been updated to the US standard.

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