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Songs lets you quickly capture the essense of your chord arrangement for a song by adding chord voicings to song lyrics. In a few clicks, add or change chord diagrams. Drag and drop diagrams to copy or move them to a different location. Songs plays the notes as you enter the chords and automatically suggests chord names and fingerings. When you are done, make a beautiful print out or export to PDF.

Songs also has a composition module (an in-app purchase) which will help you create interesting guitar chord progressions and discover new sounds. It’s special version of ChordMate, our other app, that is integrated with the Songs editor.

Key Features

– rich text formatting
– add a chord diagram above any character
– add or edit a chord by clicking on the diagram

Mac Pro

– auto suggested chord names and fingerings
– smart word hyphenation to fit diagrams
– chord and note playback with realistic guitar sound

Snow Leopard

– drag and drop diagrams to move and copy them as you edit
– very high quality print outs (see our website for PDF samples)
– zoomed in editing (useful when creating song sheets for small sizes)

– bug fixes
– performance improvements

earlier in 1.6.x
– added support for two column layout for PDFs and printing


– improved control over page margins
– chord progression playback (to play part of a chord progression, select it as you would select regular text)

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