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Songshout is a great way to share and interact with what you’re listening to on iTunes or Spotify. It’s simple, lightweight, and takes full advantage of the newest features in OS X.

• Easily share to all your networks: By opening the Share menu in the Songshout menu item, you can easily share what you’re listening to with any social network you have connected in OS X. In addition, the Share menu will also let you share what you’re listening to through other sharing sources such as email and iMessage.

• Automatic link retrieval: Whenever you share a song, Songshout will automatically find a link to the song in the iTunes Store or Spotify and post it along with your update so your friends will be able to easily listen to a preview and buy it if they choose.

• Song notifications: Songshout will show you a notification whenever the song changes, giving you information about the title and artist. Clicking the notification will launch a sharing popup for your favorite social network (changeable in preferences) with the song info and a link to the iTunes store or Spotify.

• Autosharing to Facebook and Twitter: If enabled, Songshout can automatically share what you’re listening to (along with a link to the song in the iTunes store or Spotify) to Facebook or Twitter whenever the song changes.

• Easily connect with artists: Songshout automatically finds the currently playing artist’s profile on a variety of social networks, allowing you to easily connect with the musicians and songs you love.

• One-click access to radio: Songshout’s Radio menu allows you to easily start a radio station based on the artist or track that’s currently playing. Note: Currently, this feature only supports Spotify Radio. Have a radio service you’d like to see added to this menu? Get in touch with me and I’ll see what I can do.

• See what’s happening near you: Songshout’s Nearby menu works with Songkick to automatically find events for the currently playing artist that are happening near you.

Songshout is a fun and easy app that you’ll love to use. Try it today!

• Resolved an issue where features would not function properly if no Facebook account was configured in the system.
• Resolved an issue where changing the default sharing service would crash the app in certain scenarios.

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• Added a new, more straightforward autosharing button on the main screen in window and popover modes.


• Artist images can now be pulled from Twitter if Facebook is unavailable.

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