Sonocent Recorder | Best Apps and Games 11 December,2018

Sonocent Recorder

Sonocent Recorder is the easy way to take accurate records of classes and meetings. Wherever you are:

• Take high-quality audio recordings
• Highlight the key moments of audio for review

iOS 9

• Add photos right alongside your audio
• Type brief text notes for further context
• Break your recording into sections by topic

“Users are likely to find annotating and visually organising audio a boost to productivity” – PC Advisor magazine

• Never miss a thing: start recording with a tap
• Up your productivity: highlighted audio is easy to revisit
• Keep organised: save by speaker, topic and title
• Super useful: your recording, annotations and photos in one file
• Sound quality: Boosts volume of recorded speech, dials down background noises
• Record discreetly: capture interviews while your screen stays blank with ‘Glance Mode’
• Easy transfer: upload files to Sonocent Audio Notetaker via Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, or any other installed cloud provider using the share function.

Sonocent Recorder is the free companion app for the award-winning Sonocent Audio Notetaker software. Over 110,000 people have used Audio Notetaker to work and study more productively.

Compatible with Sonocent Audio Notetaker for PC and Mac.

• User configurable colour keys for marking recordings.
• New minimal recording view for when you don’t want to be distracted by your device, but still need to be able to insert section breaks and colour chunks.
• Sonocent Recorder can now be upgraded with an in app purchase which unlocks editing of existing files and removes the 5 minute playback limitation.

iPhone 6

• Automatic volume adjustment during playback.
• Noise reduction during playback.


• Built in User Guide for easy access to helpful information.
• Now easier to add a photo from the camera.

mary queen of scots

• New introduction slide show with helpful tips.
• 180 degree rotation enabled.
• Audio view can now be zoomed by double tapping, allowing you to see more of your audio at once for easier navigation.
• Buttons now appear when the cursor is off screen during playback, allowing quick navigation back to the current playback point
• Displayed text & images now automatically update as you scroll through the audio without having to move the cursor.
• Current playback/recording time now shown above colours list.
• Continuous colouring can now be disabled.

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