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SoopaSocial for iPad

SoopaSocial for iPad is the "go to" app for drafting tweets, messages and posts to multiple social media accounts.

Do you make multiple posts across many social media networks?

Do you find that you’re often repeating yourself, cutting and pasting tweets and posts when sending to multiple social networking accounts?

Perhaps you drive your business through social media, posting regularly to multiple micro-blogging sites? Wouldn’t it be great if you could draft those tweets and posts in advance and then be reminded at regular intervals throughout the day to post them?

Well, that’s SoopaSocial for iPad!

Compose your posts as and when you think of them or just set some time aside to sit down and write them in advance. Maybe, spend an hour on Monday morning writing a week’s worth of posts, then post them at regular intervals, with just a few quick taps.

As you make your posts throughout the day, you have the option to let SoopaSocial for iPad gently prompt you when it’s time to make that next post, helping to keep your social media stream active and fresh.

You can re-use the same post in multiple places, quickly posting the same message to your social media sites without the need to rewrite or cut and paste.

Save any of your pre-drafted messages to post again another day, or even within a few hours, whichever you prefer. You have complete control as to when a post is made and to which accounts you want to post.

SoopaSocial for iPad makes posts to Twitter, Facebook, Sina Weibo and Tencent Weibo, through your device’s native messaging services. It even sends messages via SMS or email, when you prefer.

If you have other social networking apps installed on your device, such as LinkedIn or Hootsuite, you can even use SoopaSocial to make a post through them.

SoopaSocial: draft, save, post and post again!

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