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Sound Report Writer

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Sound Report Writer gives a location sound mixer the ability to quickly and easily create, edit, and distribute comprehensive PDF sound reports from your mobile device. With a simple and intuitive interface, you’ll be able to spend less time taking notes and more time getting quality sound.

Features Include:
– Import your contact info from your Contacts
– Automatically insert date, start and end timecode


– Custom file name formula allows for any recorder’s file name
– Continuous scene, take, and track data loads from the previous take
– Save character lists for each project
– One touch scene and take advance (e.g. 1A to 1B)
– Assign tracks to the Left, Right, or Both with just a touch
– Create a PDF and e-mail to post-production from your iPhone or iPad
– Archive in iBooks, sync with Dropbox, or send to any other app that supports PDFs

Designed for the sound mixer with limited time on set, Sound Report Writer allows for as much automation as possible. This app is absolutely perfect for interviews, run-and-gun shoots, and documentaries, but can be used anywhere. Whether you’re recording straight to camera or a 16-track digital recorder, Sound Report Writer is the ultimate tool to stay organized, be efficient, and look professional!

Thanks for all the feedback. It’s your suggestions, questions and concerns that make this app better than ever. If you find this app useful, please take the time to leave a review or rating in the App Store.



– Segment numbers reset when deleting (actually programmed that way, but now changed)

iPad Air 4

– Prevents illegal characters from being used in the project/file name
– Timecode bug that made the frames start on numbers not named 00
– Editing timecode for a take is even easier now. Use the number keypad and not worry about the colons. Automatic!

– Option to copy notes from previous take

iOS 9

– Display notes in the take list for easy viewing
– "Visit Help Desk" link added in ‘Settings’

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