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Special Air Wing

Discover the pure pleasure of flying supersonic JET FIGHTERS and HELICOPTERS!

After more than 2 years of development, SAW is the new reference in high end mobile flight simulators for military jets, helicopters and drones.

Included sim experiences and features (no In-App Purchase necessary for these features):
– Master a STOVL jet (Short Takeoff and Vertical Landing)
– 2 combat helicopters
– Air-to-Air combat against intelligent enemies
– Train as a fighter pilot, and become a flying ace
– Take the control of the latest military drones
– Aircraft carrier approaches, landings and catapult takeoffs
– Landing on runways and helipads
– Navigation
– Choosing weapons from a wide range of stores
– Attacking ground targets
– Patrol flight with AI enemy aircraft
– Gain XP and grades
– Military jet fighters, including a STOVL jet
– Military drones
– AI controlled enemy aircraft


– Training, challenges and missions to complete
– Incredibly accurate physics engine coupled with advanced flight dynamics models, simulating wings, rotor blades, jet engines, even down to landing gear spring compression and wheel friction
– Aircraft systems are fully simulated (radar, HUD, autopilot, navigation systems, jammer, radar warning receiver and more)
– Large choice of weapons and stores (Air-to-Air missiles, Air-to-Ground cruise missiles, JDAM bombs, propulsed bombs and more)

Also available through In-App Purchases:
– Aerial refueling
– additional convertible aircraft: MV-22 Osprey

iPhone 7 Plus

– additional jet: F-15E Super Eagle
– additional weapons, stores, equipment
– additional map for San Francisco area

This update is a big step towards the awesome flight simulator that we eventually want to bring to our community of pilots.

+ New convertible aircraft
– MV-22 osprey, with 3 liveries and animated 3D cockpit

+ New weapons
– IR-AICM infrared guided missile
– GAU-2 minigun (available for helicopters and the Osprey)

+ IR missiles


– Infrared missiles are now managed. There are two of them available in the sim: the AIM-9X and the IR-AICM
– Even when your radar is in A/G mode, your IR missiles continue to scan and detect flying targets. (but they can only be shot when in A/A mode and selected, of course)

-Many features have been added or reworked in the HUD

+ 2D panel
-Button colors have been reworked for better consistency
-MFD radar page has been reworked too: Now it clearly indicates when the radar is scanning, and when a target is locked

+ Autopilot
ALT mode is now much more stable and efficient than in previous versions. The desired slope is also displayed in the HUD with a new rectangle
– For convertible aircraft (Osprey and F-35), the autopilot can only be activated in "flight mode", to avoid confusion

+ AI Aircraft
– They’re now much more efficient at avoiding ground collision

+ Other features

iPad Pro

– Double tap to center views (3D cockpit, external, weapon)
– Weapon view can now be oriented freely

+ Improved turboprop engine physics model
– better management of N1, N2 and engine sound. Engine spool up is now much more realistic

+ Many bugs & typos have been fixed

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