Spectrum Genius Essence | Best Apps and Games 23 March,2019

Spectrum Genius Essence

The Best tool for communication about light and color!

Spectrum Genius Essence is a powerful App that is perfectly integrated with the smart spectrometer "Lighting Passport Essence".

Spectrum Genius Essence provides you friendly UI and rich information critical to everyone concerns about light and color.You can measure and get almost all photometry :
Spectrum, CCT, CRI, CQS, Illuminance(lux), Foot Candle, λp, CIEx , CIEy, CIEu’, CIEv’, C78.377-2008, IEC-SDCM, and so on.

With Spectrum Genius Essence and Lighting Passport Essence, you become an expert about lighting and color. No more obstacle communicating with supplier, colleague, client, designer ,film maker and photographer.

Now Support:
iPhone4S, iPhone5, iPhone5C, iPhone5S

iPhone 6 Plus

iPad mini, iPad mini Retina
The new iPad, iPad Air



iOS 9

iPod touch 5

Suggest you update iOS to the latest one for best user experience.

Optimize TLCI calculation

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