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Speeches — Speaker's notes for public speaking

Speeches is an App for preparing and delivering speeches and pitches. Prepare speaker’s notes and deliver a great speech — perfectly timed — no matter what the occasion.

Be it a wedding speech, business presentation, or evening at the debating club, navigating your notes is that much easier with Speeches as your portable teleprompter.

Prepare your notes directly in Speeches on your iPhone or iPad, or import a text file from Mail or another App (eg Dropbox). You can also email your speech to solicit feedback from friends and colleagues.

Speeches is very useful during your preparation. Organize notes, set a speech duration, and practice to make sure you can finish on time. Having difficulty with a particular section? Jump to any note and continue from there.

Speech prepared, and it’s time to deliver. Speeches presents your notes as easy to navigate cue cards. No more juggling of paper notes, or fiddly scrolling in an App not designed for the pressure of public speaking. Just swipe back and forth. Simple gestures keep you focussed on speaking, and not on negotiating your notes.

Speeches goes well beyond paper notes when it comes to keeping track of your time. The onscreen timing meter shows at a glance exactly how far along you are. A second bar shows your progress through the notes. By comparing the two, you can see if you are going too fast or too slow.

In short, Speeches is the App you need to write, practice and deliver your next speech with precision and confidence.


— Universal app optimized for both iPhone and iPad
— Prepare speaker’s notes on your iOS devices

mark harmon

— Swipe through cue cards to practice your speech
— Unique timing meter shows both time and progress through notes
— Set speech duration down to the second. (Great for Pecha Kucha.)
— Import plain text files from Mail and Dropbox
— Split any note in two while editing.
— Mail your speeches to others
— Customize font and font size of notes


— Set speech category

Workaround for iOS7 bug in Split function

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