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Speed Reader – Speed Reading Application

Speed Reader — The new speed reading app for iOS.

Speed Reading is the art of absorbing information. Speed Reader trains you to recognize words as meaning instead of words as sounds. Speed reader assists you in tracking the words on a page and allows you to really focus on the content, and not on interpreting the characters. Speed Reader practically does all the work for you!

So, how fast can you read?

• Read up to 1000 words per minute!
• Web Page interpreter— read articles by providing the URL
• Import text files from iTunes
• Read directly from your clipboard

nz vs pak

iPhone 6

• Night mode for late night reading


• Read in chunks of up to 10 words at a time.
• Choose from a list of fonts

iPhone 7

• Completely ad free!
…and many more features coming soon!

• Minor interface enhancements
• Bug Fixes

Thanks for supporting Speed Reader!

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