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Spider Solitaire Box

It’s time to play card games! Try our new solitaire arena challenges in this classic table game – Spider Solitaire! That’s a famous card game which will help you to relax during a break or to entertain you. Train your logic skills with a king of solitaire games!

HOW TO PLAY: The goal of this card game game is to build card column of descending suit sequence from King to Ace. When such a sequence has been formed, it is automatically removed. You can move any card from the end of a tableau column to another tableau column if it creates a descending sequence (regardless of suit). You may also move a packed descending sequence of cards as a group to another tableau column, but only if they’re of the same suit.

As you can see, rules are really simple, both kids and adult will understand it, but don’t think it will be too simple for you to win this challenge! Try this addictive game and you won’t regret!

Spider Solitaire features:


– You can choose any backgroud and card’s back;
– Pleasant sounds for your fun;

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– Get the high score and set your own records;
– Perfect logic training for all the fans of table games.

Compete with your friends or play alone, enjoy a classic design or choose a crazy one, try time challenge or just relax. Enjoy exciting gameplay with this simple but entertaining Spider Solitaire app!

New backgrounds and backs

Mac Pro

Halloween theme


Hints and moves cancelation

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