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Sprint – Spritz Powered Speed Reading and Audio Browser

Speed read the web at up to 1000 words per minute using official Spritz technology!

"Words can’t describe how how amazing Spritz is, you have to try it to believe it"

Sprint is a multi-tabbed web browser that let’s you Spritz or listen to a web page with a single tap. You don’t need to highlight the text, just find a page you want to read and tap the read button, Sprint does the rest.

Key Features:
• Multi-tabbed web browser.
• Spritz web pages using official Spritz technology with a single tap.

iPhone 6

• Read at up to 1000 words per minute!


• No need to highlight the text you want to read, Sprint extracts it for you.
• Listen to web pages with a single tap.
• Reading speed stored in iCloud.

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• Search straight from the address bar.

Once you have found a page Sprint gives you three options on how to read it.

1) Speed read it using official Spritz technology.

Spritz is an incredible technology that makes reading easier on your eyes. Words are presented to you one at a time in a way that is optimised for your eyes to see. The result is that you spend less time seeing the words, and end up reading at up to double the speed you were able to before! You have to try it to believe it.

2) Listen to the web page

Sprint also gives you the option to have the web page read aloud, just like it was an audio book.

If you hop off the train and start walking to the office, just tap the voice button and continue to listen to what you were just reading.

You’re running at the gym, but have to start researching your next project? Do both at the same time by letting Sprint read web pages aloud to you.

3) Just read it in the traditional way

Some web pages are full of beautiful images and videos. You most likely want to just look at these pages as you always have, and Sprint handles this just fine!

– Web pages can be Spritzed without signing in

iOS 8

– Improved parsing of web pages
– Fixed crash when signing into Spritz
– Other minor bug fixes

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