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Squash — Web Image Compression

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Squash is a simple, powerful app for compressing and converting images for the web and more.

Optimizing the filesize of your images shouldn’t mean making them grainy or blurred. Dropping your images into Squash maintains their existing quality while reducing filesize and saving space!

Squash works just like magic.

Squash Features:
– Drag and drop simplicity, single or multiple images supported
– Reduce file size of images and photos for faster uploading
– Compress JPG, PNG, and GIF Without Losing Image Quality
– Automatically convert PSD’s, RAW, and TIFF files into JPGs
– Batch convert a folder full images
– Custom prefix file names for converted images

What Use Squash?


– Reducing the size of files for sending as email attachments.
– Optimize images for websites and email campaigns so they load instantly online.


– Slow internet? Drop images on Squash to save time when uploading to Facebook or Twitter!


– Converting TIFF and RAW files into JPG’s so they are web friendly.
– And so much more.

– Added an option to save the converted file in place
– Added an option to always save files to a user selected folder

Happy Squashing!

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