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Stakeout iCMT

“Stakeout iCMT” is a handy app that provides functions to help the users perform point stakeout and line stakeout tasks. It will let the user precisely digitize Points, Lines and Areas of interest over the built-in Map. With the help of GPS, the point stakeout function can guide the user to the target Features. The Line Stakeout function will display the distance between the user and a Line or Area, enabling the user to move parallel to or along the target line. This function can be used to stake fence lines or river boundaries. It can be used for laying out long pipelines in undeveloped areas. The users may also import the design data from Shapefiles or DXF files. They may email the job files, output the Feature data as DXF files or send the Feature data to a PDF file. Please note: Location data depends on the GPS receiver used. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. The app will let you easily toggle the built-in GPS on or off. This app comes with a built-in help file.

Bug Fixes:

The PDF Print icon doesn’t work for iPad.

iPhone 6 Plus

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Blank toolbar displayed when loading PMP file from Email on iPhone.

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