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Status Checker for MSN,YAHOO,AIM,ICQ

Who blocked you?

Status Checker can check if your contact is online or offline on:
-Msn messenger
-Yahoo messenger

You can use it to see your friend is Online or Offline .


You can use it to detect if someone has blocked you:

iPad Air 4

If your friend is not signing in in your contact list, you can use this tool to check whether your friend is online or not.
very easy to use:

Add the ID of your contact:
msn email,ICQ number,yahoo email or aim screen name.

NO password is required!
and click on your contact to check his status.

if the person has "Only people in my allow list can see my status and send me messages" option enabled, then you will see them offline. And we cant do anything with this.


so we do not guarantee the correct status.

Status checker required any internet connection with WIFI,3G.

kuwait vs australia


compatible iphone ,ipod touch firmware 2.0 and up.

fixed bug with aim

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