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Stevie for Chromecast and AppleTV – Watch Facebook and Twitter on TV

Your new TV experience! Stevie turns your mobile into a social TV powerhouse. Connect your Facebook and Twitter feeds to watch your own personalized FriendsTV channel. Stevie creates nonstop 24/7 TV channels from any hashtag or search topic you choose. In addition, the Stevie guide offers hundreds of public channels to choose from.

* Much more than video: Stevie combines videos, Instagrams, tweets and comments into a single nonstop TV experience

* Your Friends on TV: Turn your Facebook or Twitter feed into your own personal "Friends TV". A channel that plays content you and your friends are into

* Search trends & hashtags: Stevie lets you create a 24/7 nonstop channel for any hot trending topic, hashtag or person.

* Always up-to-date: Unlike YouTube channels and playlist – Stevie channels are always fresh and always brings you the best and recent videos out there

* Big screen support: Use Airplay mirroring to beam Stevie form your iPad or iPhone to your Apple TV (Chromecast support coming soon!)

* The Stevie guide: Choose between your social channels and hundreds of public channels. Quickly return to recently watched channels or use the search tool to create your own channels.

Groundbreaking & Award winning App :

MIPCube Labs winner – 2013 MIPTV

Battlefield Finalist – 2012 Techcrunch Disrupt NYC

Stevie brings you tomorrow’s TV today – with new exciting 24/7 non-stop channels:

My Friends TV: Watch everything you and your friends share and love! Videos, Instagrams, tweets, posts and events, Stevie plays them all out for you, in this first of its kind ‘customized for you’ social TV channel. Stop scrolling endlessly in your Facebook and Twitter feeds trying to find the good stuff. Just turn “My Friends TV” on, lean back and watch.

Music Nonstop: The first personalized music TV channel. Flip here for the latest music you and your friends like and share online. Latest Instagrams, posts, interviews and gig announcement from your favorite artists are all there. This music channel learns what you like to hear.

Comedy Strip: The web is full of funny viral videos and so is your social feed! Stevie takes everything that can bring a smile to your face and mixes it all in a comedy channel that is geared for you and your friends.

Public Channel Guide: You don’t need a Facebook or Twitter account to enjoy these channels! With over hundreds of channels to choose from, the ‘Stevie Guide’ catalogues everything that’s hot on the web into entertaining 24/7 non stop VOD channels. Your favorite celebrities (Rihanna, Justin Timberlake, Lana Del Rey and many more), the movies & TV shows you adore (Star Wars, True Blood, Homeland, and hundreds more), the news & media giants you follow (CNN, NBC, TWC, PBS, HBO, SHOWTIME, WSJ, NYT and all of the rest) – Just flip to any channel, lean back and watch!

Search & create your own TV channels! Every cord cutter’s dream come true. Just type any search phrase, hot topic or hashtag and Stevie creates a 24/7 non stop TV channel for it! You can also choose from a list of trending topics on Twitter, but why not make your own channels? Anything from your favorite band or movie, to the name of the town you grew up in can be made into a channel. This is the future of TV.

Best of all: Mirror your Stevie to your Apple TV with AirPlay, and get all these cool channel on TV! On your iPad you’ll get a remote control and channel menu to zap channels, skip videos like and share.

If your feet are not up – you’re not doing it right!

Stevie is all about leaning back and enjoying the show – and the bigger the screen, the better! That’s why we added Airplay mirroring in our iPhone & iPad Stevie apps: Turn it on, and enjoy any Stevie channel on your AppleTV! Now that’s the way to watch TV

Chromecast related bug fixes

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