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Stick Texting Lovin Life (Emoticons Emoji)(Emoticon Emojis)

Emoticons?  Emoji?  Check out these fully animated stick figure scenes for your text messages and e-mails. Emoji art for your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad!

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The Lovin Life series contains all new original animations to help spread fun and optimism to your friends and family.  Only positive animations and messages.  Great for anyone to use.  Let them know you are “Lovin’ Life”.

iPhone 6s Plus

These are not some lame smiley faces clapping or basic emoticon animation, these are action scenes –some containing over 100 frames.  The animations are detailed and very fun!
Fun, clever and thought provoking. 
If you think emoticons or emojis are cool, you haven’t seen anything yet. 

iPhone 7

— Free updates with new animations —- 
— Very dynamic —- 

You will love sending and receiving animated Stick Figure Texts.  Simply tap to preview and copy any of the several animations and launch text or e-mail application right from Stick Texting App.  Double tap your message to paste into any text or e-mail. 

Each animation can be seen on any phone or computer that can view .gif images.  Stick Texting works with any iOS application that can send .gif files. 

Not your typical emoji or emoticons.  These are highly trained stick actors and stick stuntmen! 

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Stick Texts in the Lovin Life Series go rock climbing, ride mountain bikes, handle rapids in kayaks and much, much more! 
Don’t be the last one to take your texts to the next level!  Nothing else even comes close. 

iPad Pro

This is Mojo for your iPhone!  
Text Like a Boss. 

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