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Stigma · Personal Journal, Gratitude Diary & Mood Tracker

The personal journal is a lost art. We all know how beneficial it can be; journaling enhances self-awareness and helps us grow.

But we still don’t do it.

There are two problems with the traditional journal. First, it is a difficult habit to keep (we hold the expectation we must write out hundreds of words). Second, it is impossible to reflect on and grow from the thousands of bygone experiences trapped between the unread pages.

Stigma solves all that. Take 15 seconds to add a journal entry. The app organizes your entries into word-clouds to make self-reflection simple and meaningful. In short, Stigma is the personal journal, reinvented.



"My clinical experience, along with research, have proven the positive impact journaling can have on mood. The ‘Stigma’ journal is so quick & easy to use, it makes journaling a pleasure – I encourage everyone to give it a try!"

Carrie Charles, MA., CRPO, OACCPP

pete davidson

Renowned Psychotherapist

"Stigma is a great tool for helping people to catalogue and reflect on the activities that affect their moods."

Dr. Jamie Gruman
Chair, Canadian Positive Psychology Association



– Word Clouds: A visual display of the most prominent words in your journal. We create word clouds of all your entries for any month or of the entries that contain a particular word of your choice such as a friend, a place, or activity.

– Quick Journal Entries: Each entry is limited to 200 characters, journaling what you are feeling, thinking, doing, where or who you are with in that moment. It takes less than 15 seconds.

– Average Mood Calendar: Your average mood is visualized on a graph to give you a glimpse into your well-being. You can see how your mood adjusts overtime, filtered by recent days, weeks, or months.

– Anonymous Entries: OPTIONALLY share and view ANONYMOUS public journal entries. You can ‘heart’ these entries to show someone that you care or can relate with their situation. This helps promote normalization, especially for those going through a tough time.

– Reminders: Set up to four daily reminders at the time at your convenience to easily keep the habit of journaling. If you journal two hours prior to a reminder we cancel that reminder for the day.

– Weekly Reflection: Every Sunday, receive an email with all of your journal entries from that week. This allows you to look back at the meaningful moments through your week to learn and grow from them.

Rediscover yourself, only with Stigma.™

Friend Feature: Improve your intimate connections

iPhone 6s Plus

– Added more moods and fixed some bugs

In the previous update:

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

– Friend sharing: Improve your connections with a partner, close friends and family by sharing select journal entries with them. (Only available for iPhone’s in Canada and the US).

iPad Pro

– We redesigned the public feed
– Added back the functionality to click on words in your word-cloud

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