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• Keep Your Eye On Your Investments and the Markets.

• The all-in-1 tool for tracking and analyzing your investments and the markets, including unlimited portfolios and watchlists, fast charts and built-in alerts.

• Get started quickly importing your data directly from supported brokerages, or from OFX, QIF or CSV files, or even enter data by hand.

• Easily analyze your current holding’s performance, as well as the gains/losses on individual trades.

• Investigate potential investments including stocks, mutual funds and ETFs from most major world stock markets.

• Built-in charts and alerts make it easy to analyze past performance and stay on top of current prices.

• Get our iOS app and sync your investments between the desktop and iOS.

**** Stock Market Software for Investors ****

StockMarketEye is the simple solution for tracking and analyzing all of your investments in one place. By reviewing all of your investment portfolios together in one spot, you’ll have better control of your investments and gain a better picture of your financial position.

Getting started with StockMarketEye is easy using the brokerage import feature. You can import your current holdings and recent transactions directly from your account at supported brokerages. For even greater flexibility, you can import data from industry standard OFX or QIF files, or from StockMarketEye’s CSV format. Manual entry of transactions is also quick and easy using the transaction entry windows.

With your data in StockMarketEye, you can analyze your current holdings and past performance. The "Prices" view gives you the overview of your current holdings, including the current prices and market values of each holding based on stock quotes that are automatically downloaded from free sources on the internet. The "Fundamentals" view shows key statistics of the stocks you own, including 52-week high/low, P/E, and dividend information. The data available in all tables in StockMarketEye can be extended so you can see the information and values most relevant for you and your investments.

The "Reports" view gives you access to a number of reports that help you better analyze your portfolio’s performance. The Transactions report allows you to flexibly view the transactions recorded in your portfolio. The Gain/Loss report breaks down your past trades and gives you insight into how they have performed. The "Back-In-Time" report shows you how your portfolio looked on any given day in the past.

StockMarketEye also helps you investigate potential new investments. Any number of Watchlists can be created to help you keep track of and research securities that you’re interested in. Using the built-in symbol search, you can quickly find the correct ticker symbols. Importing symbol lists is available using CSV files or by simply typing the symbols into our bulk entry window. Current price quotes are automatically downloaded at regular intervals.

Integrated charting lets you quickly view the historical performance of all your past, current and potential future holdings. Clicking on any item in your portfolios or watchlists brings up its chart in the lower portion of the StockMarketEye window. Add technical indicators such as SMA, EMA, MACD, Bollinger Bands, RSI and Stochastics. Comparison charting lets you view the chart of one stock against that of another.

Don’t miss out on important activity in your portfolios or watchlists by setting alerts. StockMarketEye’s built-in alert system notifies you when important activity takes place. You can set alerts on a broad range of data including last price, volume, today’s % change and P/E. Raised alerts are displayed visually in StockMarketEye as well as forwarded to your desktop using the Growl desktop notification system (separate installation required).

Support for more brokerage, plus stability and compatibility fixes:

– First Clearing, LLC brokerage added


– Autobackups are now always enabled

– Fixed issue where costbasis calculation was off in Back-in-Time report if splits or RoC was involved.

MacBook Pro

– Fixed issue with Shares outstanding in YahooFinance data.
– Fixed issue importing QIF files where cash transactions were not correctly recognised.
– Fixed issue with access to columns configuration menu on Mac.

tornado farewell tour


– Fixed issue in Gain/Loss report where totals were incorrect when exchRates were set to zero.

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