Stratus for SoundCloud | Best Apps and Games 24 February,2020

Stratus for SoundCloud

Stratus is a simple and efficient SoundCloud player.

The app is located in the menu bar, consequently allowing you to always keep SoundCloud open and not have to worry about managing browser tabs, or losing your music when you close/restart your browser.

Stratus also features customisable keyboard shortcuts – you can quickly pause/play or skip to the next/previous song no matter what you are currently doing.

Ever forgotten the name of a song you listened to? The app keeps a list of your recently played songs, so you can effortlessly jump back to what you listened to earlier!

Stratus is also optimised for efficiency, it occupies very little system resources and therefore uses very little power – perfect if you are running on battery power.

– Customisable keyboard shortcuts



– Optimised for the upcoming OS X El Capitan release

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