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Stream for Hulu – Watch TV, Originals & Movies

Enjoy your favorite Hulu videos in a dedicated desktop client without opening your browsers. And you DON’T have to install Flash Player or any other plugins on your Mac! Here are some of the reasons why Stream for Hulu is so great that you so get a copy:

* Security
Get rid of Flash Player or other plugins that might be required when you visit Hulu using web browsers.

* Accessibility

Mountain Lion

It stays in your menu bar and can be accessed to with one simple click (when in widget mode).

* Playback

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It allows you to watch your videos within the app. Fullscreen mode is also supported.

* Familiarity


It preserves the original layout and entire features of Hulu. Browse, search, and watch, it has the whole package.

* Visibility
The app’s window can float on the very top of your desktop when you have multiple windows running.

* Convenience
Instant accesses to frequently used preference settings built in the app.

Disclaimer: Stream for Hulu is developed by a third party who is not associated or supported by Hulu. And you need Hulu membership.

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