StreamCloud | Best Apps and Games 18 July,2019


StreamCloud is a lean and minimal SoundCloud app that brings your SoundCloud stream and favorites to your desktop.

Control your SoundCloud stream with your Mac’s media keys. With global hotkeys or spacebar you can easily play and pause tracks or jump to the next or previous track even while StreamCloud is running in the background.

Access the player from the menu bar with StreamClouds mini-player everywhere. Control your SoundCloud stream via the menu bar directly.

No more listening to SoundCloud in your Browser and guessing in which tab SoundCloud plays. Get notifications for started tracks to know which of the SoundClouds artists you’re following plays next. Scrobble your SoundCloud songs to with StreamCloud. See the settings to login.

Visit to get more information and some sneak peaks of coming soon features.

* Fixed that the playback would stop after some time


* Fixed that there would only load 12 favorites

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* Fixed several crashes

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