Streamline – calendar | Best Apps and Games 23 April,2019

Streamline – calendar

Do you dare to break conventions?

Streamline is the first real evolution from the paper diary. It is a patented and unique calendar app that redefines how you see and plan your time!

Streamline allows you to plan and view your calendar in a radically new way. Intuitive and easy to navigate, you can zoom from details to an overview in an instant!

Main features:

iPhone 6s Plus

– Streamline has a unique and beautiful way of displaying time and events that has never been seen before
– The groundbreaking timeline is fun to use, glide up and down to see your scheduled events and free time
– Zoom between your day, week and month


– Easy to add events, everything’s in sight in one simple screen


– No set up needed, just download and get going

iOS 8.1

– Compatible with google, exchange, yahoo, facebook, icloud and everything an iPhone can connect to

Navigate with ease and enjoyment, this is the perfect calendar app. It’s time to Streamline your life!

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