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STRIP – Password Manager

STRIP is a cross-platform password manager providing powerful and complete data encryption, a flexible data model, fast search and multi-device replication.
Short for Secure Tool for Recalling Important Passwords, it has been protecting sensitive information on mobile devices for over 15 years, since the early days of the Palm Pilot.
It protects your passwords and financial and personal information from unauthorized access by would-be crackers, malicious thieves and snoopy coworkers.
Keep your secrets at your fingertips.
“By far the most resilient app to password cracking” — Elcomsoft, Black Hat EU “Fantastic latest update.

iOS 8

It's looking sharp and has a new look and feel.
These folks are on their game….” — Zylvere “Not only does the App do its job wonderfully …
it might have the Best Customer Support of any App I've ever used.” — KS Carey "A powerful data encryption tool that will serve you well into the future" — “I don't know what I would do without STRIP; it's the only reason I still had a Palm Pilot.
When I got my iPod Touch, the first thing I did was look for STRIP.” — lizzle47 Features: * 256-bit AES encryption protects all of your data * 64,000 rounds of PBKDF2 SHA-1 key derivation and HMAC page-protection * Personalize categories to match your organizational style * Customize your entries including usernames, passwords, websites, notes and create your own fields * Store any information you want – no restrictive templates required! * Full text search of record names and data * Generate random passwords with added entropy from the device accelerometer * Quickly copy & paste passwords and other data between applications * Auto-lock timer allows you to keep STRIP temporarily unlocked while you work * Launch websites, telephone calls, and emails from STRIP * Configurable field masking to hide sensitive data from view * Supports both portrait and landscape device orientation * 90 professionally designed color icons for personalizing records (more on the way) * Simple, elegant interface optimized for iOS 7 * Uses hardware-accelerated cryptography for speed and to lower battery consumption * Synchronization and backup over WiFi with STRIP for OS X and STRIP for Windows (sold separately) * Synchronization over Drive or Dropbox (free Drive or Dropbox account required) * Store URL connection strings (e.g.
SSH, AFP, SFTP) to launch other applications directly * Generate two-step verification (TOTP) codes Sync with your Desktop: STRIP for iOS is designed to work seamlessly with STRIP for OS X and Windows, sold separately.
Sync your information over WiFi between multiple devices (e.g both an iPhone and an iPad), backup data, import and export from CSV spreadsheet files.



Check out for more details and a product tour.
Free Backup: If you don't use STRIP desktop you can still backup your STRIP database for free using the Drive and Dropbox sync features.
Powerful Open Source Encryption: STRIP is the only password manager and data vault using open source, peer-reviewed full-database encryption technology.
Called SQLCipher, the data store for STRIP uses established security practices like CBC mode encryption, PBKDF2 key derivation, randomized initialization vectors, and unique per-database salts.
The source code is available for review at

* Improved display on new iPhone 6 devices
* Fixes issue with Notes interface resizing incorrectly
* Fixes issue with Keyboard not showing properly after rotation

iPhone 7 Plus

* Updates to backup warning
* Fixes a crash when copying and pasting entries
* Built with latest version of SQLCipher 3.2.0

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