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Studyguide – Student planner

The world’s most advanced student planner integrates enrollment management, homework/grading organization, document library, and powerful PDF annotator!

• Complete enrollment management –institution, term, and course.
• Schedule lectures and appointments with notification options.
• Detailed calendar with Today, and Month views.
• Supports time/block, repetitive, and odd/even schedules.

• Document library for each course with integrated web browser.
• Record photos, videos, or audio directly within the app.
• Add notes to a document and export the final version as a PDF.

• View all types of documents and media directly in the app.

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• Fast PDF rendering with multiple open documents on separate tabs.
PDF annotating with highlighting, note, pencil, shapes, etc.
• Modify PDFs—create, delete, or reorder pages.
• Shortcuts to Google, Wikipedia, or language translation.

• Create an assignment log for each course with due dates, reminders, priority levels.
• Documents can be linked to homework to get a visual reminder on the file’s thumbnail.

• Create different types of progress assessments for each course.
• Grading management with customizable scaling systems (Grades, Points/Numbers).
• Calculates average grade for a course based on the assessment grades and personal scaling values.

We’re excited to be launching Studyguide! It’s been a long journey from initial concept to the App Store, and we’re sure it’s going to make your daily life easier and more convenient. But there’s always room for improvement, so we’d like your input. Please visit our website and send us your opinions, suggestions, and ideas for making Studyguide even more helpful:

Limitations of the free version:
• 1 Institution, 1 term, 5 courses
• 10 Documents, 10 homework, and 10 grading items per course
• Twenty pages limit for PDF modifying/exporting (viewing/annotating has no restrictions at all!)
• No open-in other app, showing default calendar

The Today view is your starting point, where you’ll see all your upcoming classes, events, homework, and exams. Manage all your courses and see them beautifully arranged in the Month view.


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Store all your needed documents, images, video, and audio on your device. Group material by course to keep it organized. Add files from your Camera Roll, take photos or videos, record new audio messages, or use the integrated web browser to download new files directly from your university or your cloud storage.
Each document linked to an assignment will have a visual indication on the thumbnail with the due date of the task. You can also create a note for each document (for example summaries, or questions).



Open all your files on the device with the integrated viewer. Thanks to the rich PDF support coming with Studyguide, you can open even large files blazingly fast, search them, change viewing mode, set bookmarks, and annotate (highlight, note, pencil, shapes, stamps, etc.). You can also export any kind of file as a PDF and annotate it afterward.
For enhanced editing of PDFs we developed the powerful Modify PDF feature. In this dialog you can easily delete unnecessary pages simply by selecting them, move pages by drag and drop, and create new pages by inserting them at the desired position.
When you select a word in a PDF document in Studyguide, besides the the usual options you can instantly start a direct Google search in the embedded browser. Or choose Wikipedia or automatic translation of a foreign language text.


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Manage all your homework in one place. Include an additional description, due date, or reminder date. Sort by date, name, or open status.

Use the integrated grading system which calculates the average for each course. Set a grade and optional weight for each assessed item. Supported grading scales are: Letters (for example A-F) and Numbers/Points (choose your own range, for example 1-6, 1-10).

– iPad support
– Calendar improvements

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