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"Great app, simple, inspiring and definitely made for writers." – Alexandre Astier (Writer, Actor, Director)
"Subplot can be a writer’s best friend … 3.5 mice out of 5" – Macworld

Subplot is a story planning system for novelists and screenwriters. Use Subplot to keep track of Who, What, Where, When and Why in your writing projects.

Features: –

– Create plans for novels or screenplays.
– Set deadlines and estimates for completion and let Subplot let you know whether you’re on schedule or not.
– Keep track of details for all the different characters, props, locations, events and story goals for your projects.
Interview your characters. Use Subplot’s expandable Q & A section to work out what makes your characters tick.
– Store and label images for each of your characters, props, locations and events. How about a portrait of your hero, or floor plans of your crime scene? (Images not supplied)

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– Build scenes quickly and easily using Subplot’s Scene Builder.
– Use Subplot’s Ideas Board to keep track of any gems of inspiration that you have.


– View detailed reports about your project, including a breakdown of all the scenes a character appears in, the earliest chapter and scene that a character, prop, location or event appears in, as well as a dossier compiling all the information about your project or characters.
– Subplot has been specifically designed to cater for those planning on writing novels or screenplays rather than being a ‘one size fits all’ writing tool.

Subplot is designed to be used alongside your existing writing tool or word-processor. You don’t write your story in Subplot, instead you use Subplot to keep track of what you need to do next.

Have you just added a killer red herring to your murder mystery? Now you need to go back and add details about it to your story. With Subplot, you can easily add your red herring to the relevant scenes in your plan and use Subplot’s reports to judge whether you’ve given the reader enough opportunities to put the pieces together.

Subplot won’t tell you how or what to write, but you can use it to keep yourself on the path to completing your project.

Bug fix for issue saving goals under certain circumstances
Added simple Rich-Text-Format (RTF) export option to reports


Added ability to save a copy of the user guide for use outside the app

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The alternate row grey shading colour is now lighter in reports

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