Super Muzzle Flash | Best Apps and Games 14 June,2019

Super Muzzle Flash

Put your lightning-speed reaction skills to the ultimate test!

Super Muzzle Flash is a new spin on the old shooting gallery, only… you can’t see until you shoot! Tap to shoot, shoot to see. See a ghost, shoot ‘em down. CONTROL YOUR FIRE! You might hit a Civilian by accident! Featuring stunning visuals with a unique take on pixel art, an era defining art style. Developers Dime Studios have focused on delivering gameplay that is gripping, instantly accessible, and as much fun as it is provoking!


-Stunning Retro-inspired visuals.


-Rank up! Unlock all 27 shiny badges.

iOS 8


-Compete with friends.

iPad Pro

-Easy, Hard, Insane and Godlike difficulties.
-Share your Screenshots and Video replays with friends.
-Bonus points and bullet time.

-Fixed multiple Local Notification bug.
-Fixed "Restore Successful" popup on startup

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