Super Spleef – Mc Multiplayer Mini Game in 3D Blocks | Best Apps and Games 11 January,2019

Super Spleef – Mc Multiplayer Mini Game in 3D Blocks

Spleef is a gamemode in minecraft where the objective of the game is to make all other players fall by knocking the blocks out from under them. The aim of this plugin is to help server owners manage this easier by creating a full automated solution to handle the task for them. Super Spleef is fully automated and can run without any admin interaction. This plugin goes beyond that by adding interesting statistics such as who knocked out who and who knocked out the most people.


•Fully automatic spleef plugin
•Allows six arenas
•Auto arena floor regeneration


•Allows multiple floor levels

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•Click to join signs
•Game-join queues
•Floor save/load backup to disk
•Show who was knocked out by who
•Shows most knockouts + winner of match

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•Win/Lose and Join warp points
•Kick campers from game automatically
•Automatically detect and kick nukers
•Easy setup

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