Surfboard for Kids | Best Apps and Games 14 July,2018

Surfboard for Kids

The surfboard is an alternative browser with advanced features, such as View Sourcecode, Translation of entire pages, drawing in the Page, integrated calculator and internet radio. The home page provides quick access to the major search engines. Use the built-in drawing program, for example to to highlight something on one side. Especially for children, a content filter was installed which checks a list of words and possibly blocking the sites.

For children:
– Safe surfing for kids
– Parents create a blacklist of words such as sex, porn, erotic …
– This list can be protected by a password.
– If you turn on the device "Guided Access", only this program is active

– Navigation up / down, Update
– Homescreen: Google, Google, Yahoo, Wikipedia, Facebook …

iPhone 6s

– Favorites: create, delete, recall
– Printing via AirPrint

Advanced Features:
– Open page in Safari
– Translate any page
– Source code view, print, copy, send Email
– Screenshot and Draw: draw in the page, send it via email, save in photo album
– Email: with link and screenshot
– Radio: listen to more than 300 radio stations in the background, with favorites

iPhone 6

– Calculator
– Built-in RSS, and video / audio Podcast decoder

Drawing Program:
– Save in photo album
– Undo function

iOS 8

– 4 pin sizes
– 9 pin types

kevin anderson

– Eraser
– Enter text and positioning
– Color Palette
– Email
– Print

The program is based on the Webkit browser. This can unfortunately not all, e.g.:
HTTPS pages with an unknown certificate
– No Flash