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SVN Repo Browser Pro

Browse your SVN repository from your iPhone® or iPad®. Browsing the directory structure will display the latest repo version, change date and author for each directory or file. Change logs and associated change sets can be viewed for any directory or file. The directory structure and change logs can be refreshed by pulling down the list or tapping the refresh button. More log entries can be loaded by pulling up the list or tapping the "more" button. New branches and tags can be created from the trunk or existing tags and branches.

The contents of any text file can be viewed. Syntax highlighting is available for many major programming languages (XML, HTML, CSS, Javascript, C, C++, Objective-C, Objective-C++, Swift, Java, C#, Go, LaTex, Perl, Python & Ruby). Web pages or their html source code can be displayed with a toggle button to toggle between the html src and the web page. Many image formats are supported (jpeg, tif, png etc) and MS Office documents and PDF files can also be displayed. For text files, the differences between two versions of the file can be displayed instead of the file view. The file can also be displayed with annotations using included "svn blame" support. Files can also be exported to compatible apps such as iBooks for pdf files, MS Office, or OneDrive.

Protocols supported are http, https and svn. User authentication is supported for non-public repositories. However the svn+ssh protocol is not supported (supported secure alternatives are svn with sasl or https).

The app maintains a persistent list of repositories optionally including authentication credentials

Fix for UI glitch displaying change set on iOS 8.

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iPhone 6 Plus

iPhone 6

iOS 8.1