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Swhorl is a revolutionary new, free Apple Watch app that brings your social media and news updates together and provides you with simple access to the most recent important events in your online world. All without you having to reach for your phone. In a well-designed and intuitive interface, you have instant, convenient access to important updates and local news whilst on the move.

Following someone on Twitter, need to see your friends’ latest photos on Instagram, or wondering what the latest updates are in your favourite news feed on Feedly ? It’s all there, automatically, on your wrist. Activate your chosen feeds and it just works. At any point you can switch each individual feed on and off using your iPhone. You have the control over your fully configurable social media and news feed.

We are already working on a whole lot more feeds, and some exciting new features, but if your favourite feed is missing just let us know and we’ll put it on the list !

Swhorl makes social media simpler and easier.

FACEBOOK USERS PLEASE NOTE: Currently (as at June 2015) Facebook are not permitting our app to retrieve the full user’s feed. Therefore you will only see items that you have posted, or that you are tagged on, in our app. As soon as we are approved to use the full feed, we have the coding ready and will introduce this functionality.

NOTE: Please remember that the Apple Watch does not currently work with the iPhone 4S or iPad, but we have some plans for owners of those devices in the near future !!

Basically…. a smart go faster stripe for each side, and we’ve removed some hood scoops that were not needed. A fair bit of under the cover tuning to make the whole experience faster for you. And to respond to you even quicker we’ve added paging to the list on the Watch. And a bug fix for the bank screen that some users have experienced occasionally.

We’ve removed the Hot News as the icon wasn’t compatible with App build submission guidelines. You can find plenty of tech news feeds on Feedly though.

Plus a new little treat in the form of the Eventbrite Music feed for checking out local events.

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