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Sync Solver for Fitbit

Fitbit and Health, together at last. Sync all you data from Fitbit to Apple Health. After the first sync, the app will automatically sync in the background throughout the day. **Update** Fitbit has not added Heart Rate to their API yet. We plan to support it as soon as they make it available. Also, Fitbit currently provides access to daily data only. We have requested Partner API status in order to provide intraday syncing.

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Need to sync from Health to Fitbit? Check out Sync Solver – Health to Fitbit as well.

Data types supported:
– Steps
– Flights Climbed

iPad Air 3

– Walking + Running Distance


– Weight
– Body Fat Percentage
– Body Mass Index
– Sleep Analysis (In bed and asleep time)
– Dietary Calories
– Resting Calories
– Active Calories

– If you are using Sync Solver – Health to Fitbit, be sure to not sync the same data types as this will result in a data duplication loop.
– Since iOS schedules backgroud updates based on your app usage pattern, it may be necessary to manually sync from time to time in order to keep Sync Solver automatically syncing on a consistent basis.
– Intraday data granularity is not possible at this time due to Fitbit API limitations.

– Added a Today view widget that shows the last sync status and a Sync Now button
– Added a setting to display a notification when background updates have been delayed for a while


– Added a setting to change how far back to check for data changes
– Added a custom url scheme (syncsolver://sync) to enable automation with apps like IFTTT and LaunchCenterPro
– Added a link to the Sync Solver group on Fitbit
– Added support for push notifications

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