Card | Best Apps and Games 23 March,2017

Spider Solitarus

Spider is one of the most popular solitaire card games in the world. Play Spider Solitarus on your Mac! features: Snow Leopard – high definition graphics– two different set of cards– 3 levels of difficulties Productivity – high scores– undo/redoRead more…



Play one of the most popular games included with Windows, FreeCell, a solitaire game that requires skill, strategy and patience to win! FreeCell adds a new element of strategy to the classic Klondike and Baker’s solitaire games. After dealing fromRead more…


GrassGames Cribbage

GrassGames’ Cribbage is beautiful 3D computer game version of the classic 400 year old card game for 2 players. Main Features: – Intelligent Computer opponents MacBook Pro – Full Network Play– 3D cameras and animation effects– Fully customizable playing areas–Read more…



夏日狂欢季,壕礼赏名将!《放开那三国》夏日回馈激爽上线,4大活动,近60重礼包,让你一次过足瘾!预约还有新惊喜,最多可领5000+金币。游戏内外,精彩不断!这个夏天,一起狂欢吧! S级卡牌手游《放开那三国》全新绝美武将让你尽收囊中,更多福利活动倾情回馈!自App Store上架以来,稳居畅销榜前列,创造三国题材卡牌手游领先地位。《放开那三国》——放不开的手机游戏!快乐,从此触手可及! 游戏特色:1.超萌Q版画风,怪蜀黍、小正太、软妹子轮番登场,让你大呼过瘾! Steve Jobs 2.完善卡牌收集系统,三国群英一网打尽,绝色后宫随你组建!3.超高紫卡爆率,贴心的入门教学。新手一秒变大神,菜鸟瞬间成高玩!4.独创怒气系统,极致的战斗体验,让你的武将爆框再爆框! leicester city 5.道具全产出,所有游戏道具均可在游戏内产出,减少玩家差距,增大游戏乐趣! 客服电话:4006010910投诉受理:[email protected]:SG_babeltime 1、开放七星台系统2、开放噩梦试练塔系统 Utility iOS 8 3、优化现有功能,使游戏更加流畅 © Babeltime.Inc


My NBA 2K17

The companion app for the award-winning NBA 2K franchise is back, with MyNBA2K17. Packed with features, including the ability to scan your face into NBA 2K17 from your mobile device and daily opportunities to earn Virtual Currency, MyNBA2K17 makes itRead more…



Play to the famous card game Hearts on your Mac ! In Hearts Game, you can play to the Hearts card game against three opponents simulated by an advanced artificial intelligence. It won’t be easy to win ! – GreatRead more…



Mastersoft Solitaire Favorites includes KLONDIKE (Windows PC Solitaire), SPIDER, FREECELL, GOLF, PYRAMID and many more solitaire classics. Where applicable, games are timed and use standard scoring. londres Each solitaire game comes with statistics and instructions on how to play.Now withRead more…