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Family Feud™ HD

Survey Says, play the Family Feud in High Definition! Get a true-to-TV game play experience thanks to new, eye-popping HD graphics designed and optimized for the iPad’s advanced capabilities. With all your favourites like the Face Off, Stealing and FastRead more…

Agar Pocket – Agar IO Free

**********************************************************Version 1.2 support landscape is coming!! jamie lee curtis iPhone 7 **********************************************************You and all the other real players are dots and you must eat dots smaller than you and avoid the ones larger than you. Please rate the Game, weRead more…

Family Feud™

Survey says: Play Family Feud! Based on one of the most successful and beloved family game shows of all time! Now you can play anywhere, anytime as the leader of a ‘family’ in a contest to name the most popularRead more…

谁是卧底大师 – 还有你画我猜

史上最强的湖南卫视《快乐大本营》谁是卧底升级版! iPad Air 3 还有全球首创的多人联机版“你画我猜”哦! 随时跟各地的美女帅哥凑局玩卧底! 功能介绍:“谁是卧底”是一款超级考验智商、语言能力、知识面的多人玩游戏,我们将线下面对面才能玩的游戏做成了线上游戏,希望可以给大家带了更多的欢乐! 产品特点:– 由电脑来当法官,大家只要玩就可以啦!– 新鲜词库,大开眼界!– 自动分配玩友,不用找人!– 大量用户,保证总有人和你玩!– 最创新的线下助手功能,试过就知道有多方便! 游戏规则:– 在场6人中5人拿到同一词语,剩下1人拿到与之相关的另一词语。– 每人每轮用一句话描述自己拿到的词语,既不能让卧底察觉,也要给同伴以暗示。 iOS9 – 每轮描述完毕,所有在场的人投票选出怀疑谁是卧底,得票最多的人出局。若卧底出局,则游戏结束;若卧底未出局,游戏继续。– 反复2-3流程。若卧底撑到最后一轮(场上剩3人时),则卧底获胜,反之,则大部队胜利。 程序哥哥累吐血,终于开发出一款新游戏:“你画我猜”! leafly 法官强烈推荐!支持多人联网,快来跟小伙伴们一起玩吧! © lixu iPhone 7s


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