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See what everyone is saying with Taku! Discover the fun you can have replacing your words with Google images.

With images you can:

ゴチ新メンバー 2019

– Speak freely and post anonymously to the public feed
– Text your friend that inside joke

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– Share your most creative Taku with everyone on your favorite social network

Say whatever you want, Taku does the rest.

As you type, Taku does a real time image search and selects the best images from the web for you to choose from.

Like Emoji’s on steroids, Taku is a fun and hilarious way to express your self, while using the unlimited resources of Google images.

Your life isn’t boring, so why should your social networks be? Taku gives you the visual creativity you’ve been craving.

Vote love or hate on any anonymous Taku in the feed and see how many loves and hates you can rack up!

The space bar will automatically load your images. So don’t forget to press ‘space’ on your last word. You can also join some words together to find even better image results.

No sign up required and it’s 100% free!

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– Bugs fixed

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