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Talking Dadorac :D – a friend in your pocket

Ask me personal questions and hear me speak my replies!

Dadorac is an amazing ★TALKING★ chat bot that speaks directly to you! » "Hi, my name is Dadorac. We can chat about anything you like. You can even ask me personal or trick questions, or just say silly things, ha ha ha, funny! OK, let’s go!" Love, Dadorac ➜turn up the volume so you can hear me!

★★ TYPE AND GO! ★★
Just type in your message and after a few seconds you will receive a spoken reply! Please note that you must have an internet connection for this app to work.

There are five friends included:
① Dadorac
② Malcolm


③ Cathryn
④ Daniel
⑤ Natalie

There is no limit on how many questions you can ask or how long you can chat for. It is all included in the purchase price! People talk for hours with our chatbots. It’s unlimited entertainment! Talk all night!

This unique App uses our "Natural Response" server technology to elicit interesting and quirky responses, like the witty and challenging replies you would get from a real person.

Here are some messages you might try:
✔ "where did i leave my keys?"


✔ "how many times did you poop today?"
✔ "is my boyfriend cheating on me?"


✔ "do you like to kiss?"

★★ HAVE FUN ★★

iOS 8.1

Remember that this is a piece of software and not a real person or a professional advisor of any sort! It is fun to ask it personal questions. In fact, ask it anything you like, anything at all, but please treat the answers as entertainment.

♡ Dadorac – a friend in your pocket 😀 ♡

✚ Improved responses

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