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Talkler – Email for your Ears

DROWNING IN EMAIL? Introducing Talkler, the only app for heads-up, reads-aloud-to-you, voice-controlled email. Complete control of your inbox: Listen, Delete, Mark Unread, Reply, and much more. Eyes-free Productivity + Safety in the car, at home, on the go. Reads your emails aloud. Listens for your voice commands.

…"Play the next email"
…"Record a reply"

iOS 9

…"Mark unread"
…"Check for new mail…"
Plus dozens more voice commands.

• L.A. Times: "Reads your emails to you!"

iPhone 7s

• "Clever… Safe and eyes-free." —Boston’s Globe
• "A true game-changer! Definitely give it a try." —Cult of Mac
• "A Great App." —Chicago Tribune

– Passwords & email content stay safe and private. Always.
– More secure than Cloud-based speech recognition. On-device speech can’t be hacked in transit.
– Encryption via Secure Socket Layers (SSL).
SMS Verification code alerts you to unauthorized connections.


+ NEW Talkler EXCHANGE™: Connect your business email with Microsoft® Exchange ActiveSync / Outlook. (Be sure to try the FREE 14-day trial BEFORE purchasing.)

+ Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, iCloud… Works with ANY typical email, IMAP, POP, and now Exchange. Custom-domain emails like [email protected]

+ Eyes-free gestures: TapAnywhere™ taps + swipes work wherever your finger lands.

+ AudioReplies™ with ZeroTypos™: No proofreading. Safer. Like recording a voicemail, for every inflection.

+ Talkler AutoPilot™: Smart auto-continue, when all you want to do is listen.

+ Talkler QuickConnect™: Enter your email + password. Talkler does the rest.

+ Raise-to-Ear Privacy Mode™: Simply lift your iPhone to your ear, like a phone call with your inbox. Screen darkens, volume adjusts for privacy. Automatically.


Need a hand getting started? We’re happy to help. We can’t respond to help requests here in the App Store. So be sure to check out for FREE 1-to-1 support, or email us: [email protected]


Emails in English are pronounced accurately by Talkler, and voice commands in U.S. English are understood. Other languages and dialects are not supported in this version.


• Bluetooth-compatible
• Beautifully designed
• Oversized, high-contrast Teleprompter text (read at a glance)
• More secure (speech recognition right on the phone)
• Plain English TTS (simplifies URLs, abbreviations)
• Custom voice pitches (high or low-pitched)
• Custom talking speeds (from very slow, to light speed)
• Speak attachment names (or not, you choose)


• What can I say? Just ask Talkler to hear available commands.


Talkler is FREE and fully functional. If you want even more, try these upgrades.
+ Upgrade to Talkler EXCHANGE™ with Microsoft® Exchange ActiveSync. (Be sure to try the FREE 14-day trial BEFORE purchasing.)

news headlines

+ Upgrade to Talkler PRO™ (ad-free), monthly or yearly.


"EASY to set up." —

"This is a KILLER app." —The Big Picture

"IDEAL for users who want to take control of their email inboxes while driving, running, cooking, or being busy with practically anything." —

"INNOVATIVE. Excellent. Easy." —AccessWorld

"UNMATCHED." —Tech Investor News

"The ONLY app for voice-controlled email." —Apple Vis

"TOP 5 Driver Safety Apps." —

"A GREAT innovation." —Gear Diary

"SOPHISTICATED voice recognition and text-to-speech technology…" —

"BEST text-to-speech app." —

TOP 100 Productivity Apps —App Store 5-2013

We hope you enjoy Talkler – Email for your Ears!

The latest version of Talkler is here, with free phone support. Improved security — alerts you to connection attempts from a new device, to keep your email safe. Also extra help by phone (NEW), email and web when you need it. Download Talkler now on the App Store.

Talkler 1.3.16 includes improved stability and a fix for a bug that caused Talkler to crash on startup for some users.


WHAT’S NEW IN 1.3.01

• New Talkler EXCHANGE™ with support for Microsoft® Exchange ActiveSync — for connecting to company email accounts on Exchange Server / "Outlook."

• New tab in New Account setup: Exchange tab (in addition to previous IMAP and POP tabs).

• New Talkler QuickConnect™ feature to detect Microsoft® Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) accounts, and auto-complete new account settings when possible.

• Other minor enhancements, fixes and improvements.

WHAT’S NEW IN 1.3.02

• Fixed bug where app might close on startup for certain users.

• Fixed bug where app might display formatting text for certain emails.

• Enhanced exception reporting.

• Other minor enhancements.


• Improved stability of core email reading and voice controls.

• Added EAS diagnostic log emailing feature for improved tech support for Microsoft® Exchange ActiveSync users.

• Fixed bug where app might close when touching Send Me Details after returning from background operation.

• Fixed bugs causing unexpected behaviors at the end of an email.

• Added Connect Me Now feature in ads.

• Fixed bug where Listening Microphone remained onscreen after tapping Next button.

• Streamlined available voice commands in places, to improve voice recognition accuracy.

• Other fixes and minor enhancements.


• Fixed bug causing Send Me Details button to disappear.

• Fixed bug where Listening Microphone was not visible onscreen after playing a sponsored message.


• Fixed bug that prevented effective distribution of ads.


• New Talkler EXCHANGE™ Username Intelligence + Talkler QuickConnect™ — for the easiest setup ever of Exchange email. Talkler QuickConnect now types possible EAS usernames FOR YOU. Just enter your email, password and domain — Talkler QuickConnect does the rest.

• New EAS Domain support — for entering the Microsoft® Exchange ActiveSync domain while connecting an EAS account, and intelligently testing EAS usernames that incorporate the EAS Domain.

• New fix for Exchange servers that attempt to download all emails in Inbox regardless of quantity — which was affecting some Exchange users with very full inboxes.


• Improvements to EAS diagnostic log feature, for better support.

• Fixed bug that caused inconsistent delivery of sponsored messages for some users.


• Speed improvements for Talkler EXCHANGE™ email downloads. Now downloads most recent week of emails, and displays the number of them as specified by user (100 by default).

• Fixed bug that caused empty email bodies for some EAS users.

• Fixed bug which caused a hang when tapping the onscreen microphone very quickly.

• Improved spoken prompts for available voice commands after some sponsored messages.

WHAT’S NEW IN 1.3.10

• Important fix for audio queue issues that affected some users in iOS 8 users.

WHAT’S NEW IN 1.3.11

• Improved speech recognition in iOS 8.

WHAT’S NEW IN 1.3.13

• Fixes an issue that prevented some, and users from connecting their accounts.

WHAT’S NEW IN 1.3.14

• Improvements to the privacy policy. See to learn more.

WHAT’S NEW IN 1.3.15

• Bug fixes and improvements to stability.

WHAT’S NEW IN 1.3.16

• Improved stability and a bug fix that caused Talkler to crash on startup for some users.

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