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Talky – Free video chat and group conferencing from &yet

Truly simple video chat and screensharing for groups and teams.

Video chat made super simple. Now including the ability to view screensharing. Simply enter a room name and click the “Join Room” button to create a meeting room to share with your friends, family, or coworkers.

No signups or logins to remember. Simply create a room and share the url via text, email, private message, or medium of your choice.

Lock a room easily to secure your conversation, with the handy “Lock” feature.

Perfect for quick meetings, or conversations on the go.

For more about Talky, reach out via or contact us on Twitter at @usetalky.

Built with <3 by &yet

Do you know the story about the three little pigs and how one of the little pigs built his house out of straw and one of the little pigs built his house out of sticks and one of the little pigs built his house out of bricks? Well, this is nothing like that because the Talky app was built with Otalk.

Hello screensharing view, now viewable from where ever you’re holding this device in your hand.

Sometimes when someone is in the middle of talking about something interesting in your Talky room, you’d actually be looking at George. What kind of poster is that in his office? Is the one Mulder had in his office? Wait, is George into X-Files? Well, now you’ll have to figure out a way to bring that up in conversation with George because the Talky app’s main video automatically switches according to whomever is the active speaker. So stop spying on George, weirdo.

Oh, here’s something new. If you use the back camera in landscape mode, your video is no longer upside down for other people. Welcome back to gravity and uprightness.

You know when you go home for the holidays and you inevitably go to the movies, because what better way to escape the extended family for 2-3 hours than Christmas with the Kranks 3D? And you get to the theater and it’s the same theater you watched the terrible, terrible Star Wars reboot at? The cool carpet that used to seem cool and retro just seems dirty and mostly purple now. You notice that the kids working there operate like lifeless husks. And the THX intro actually makes the poor sound quality way more noticeable?

Well, the new Talky app is like when you get back from the holidays and you get to go to the new AMC theater that’s your favorite now. You know the one, with the stadium seating with wide rows and seats that actually recline (just a little bit). Oh, and they have ice cream sandwiches there? And espresso! Talk about user experience.

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