Tampon Run | Best Apps and Games 14 December,2018

Tampon Run

Help Luna rid the world of menstruation haters! Throw tampons at them and don’t let them confiscate yours!

How many enemies can you enlighten?


As featured in CBS.com, Time.com, Today.com, TeenVogue.com, Jezebel.com, NYDailyNews.com, Feministing.com, Fast Company Co.exist, among others.

“…if you’re into eight-bit nostalgia (or fighting the patriarchy), it’s also fun as hell.” – Fast Company, Co.exist

“…a simple platformer with ambitious goals. Your spunky, pixelated avatar runs across the screen to the right familiarly, defeating as many enemies as possible while conserving ammo….Throwing tampons at people feels very, very cool.” – KillScreenDaily.com

“…an 8-bit video game with a big mission” – Today.com

“…Tampon Run is a game both fun and educational, like Oregon Trail, with more periods.” – Bustle.com

“…[you] will definitely become addicted within the first five minutes of playing” – TeenVogue.com


High schoolers Andy Gonzales and Sophie Houser created Tampon Run to combat the taboo around menstruation. Developed during their summer at Girls Who Code, Tampon Run quickly went viral and has garnered the attention of major media outlets around the world. Join them in de-stigmatizing menstruation around the world!

Original music by: Drew Joy

* high score celebration


* pause button



* updated graphics
* bug fixes

© 2014 Sophie Houser and Andy Gonzales

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