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Tankers Stability and Trim

Being the World’s First Mobile Version of calculating stability and Trim , Avocet Stab and Trim is a result of over 40 years of Cargo practice.

This real-time scaled down version of the Avocet’s Digital Ship Desk Top Application Loadicator is must for all Chief Officers sailing on Bulkies and Tankers.

Although it lacks all the features of its desk top preceder , we have tried to capture maximum information which can be fitted into the viewport of a mobile phone.

This app is primarily constructed to meet the ever needing demands of the Chief Officers , Cargo Supers and Masters to have an instant mechanism to calculate the Ships stability and Trim without having to run up to the Control Room and calculate what- if scenario on the ship board computer.

If your ship is different such as OSV , Movable Bulkheads or you just need a customized GA layout for stability ,just contact us and we shall construct a custom App just for your vessel at a price you can easily afford.

If you are having difficulties in typing in hydro and Tank Data just send us your tank plan and hydro data and we shall upload it for you at no cost.

This App does not have the BM and SF Calculation. Please contact Avocet if you wish to have it incorporated.

Although this app does not replaces the onboard computer , it however gives the same result what a Masters get using the calculating sheet provided in the Ship Master Device Condition Booklet.

iPhone 6s Plus

iPad Pro

It is strongly recommended to create a similar condition database in this App. This feature is provided.

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Hydrostatic Data were always a big job typing in , so procedure have been created in this app to download the data from any site where the user has updated it data. If no site is available , user can use avocetdata cloud to upload their file temporarily and then download it. The hydrostatic data must be in the csv or txt format , where data is separated by a comma.

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