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Tap Play: Push to Talk


Tap Play: Push to Talk is not a VOIP client in itself, but is an excellent way to enhance your VOIP experience using your favourite client such as Ventrillo, Teamspeak, Vivox etc. Read down for more information on what it does!

Note: We do recommend ALL users download the manual from clarkeapps.com/downloads before purchase, setup is simple but may require some instruction

If our website is down please visit mediafire.com/?7t8svhufdaabw or clarkeapps.shorturl.com for alternative download links

Simply download the free server from clarkeapps.com/downloads , open the app and connect to your PC – on Windows, type in the IP shown on the server app, on Mac tap on the Bonjour server. Then tap Edit and choose letters or numbers, select your key combination and tap Edit. From there on whenever you push the ‘Talk’ button that key press will be sent to your computer.

Holding down the button pushes the key, letting go of it releases the key. Set it as your Push to Talk key in your favourite VOIP (Compatible with all the popular VOIP combinations such as Ventrillo, TeamSpeak, Vivox etc)

Why use it?
Simply we’ve all had those moments where we’ve accidentally broadcasted something to guild members that we wish we hadn’t, because we accidentally hit that wrong key. Use Tap Play: PTT to set up a complex key bind such as ‘Ctrl + ]’ – something you’ll never accidentally press, to a single button on your iOS device, and now you’ll never transmit that argument with your parents, you eating your dinner, your farts(!) by mistake again.

Which Keys can I use?
All Alphabet (A-Z) keys
All number (0-9) keys
All F Keys F1-F12

iPhone 6 Plus

[ ] ; ‘ , . / – = Tab Return Space
Arrow Keys

In addition you can use these keys in combination with Alt, Shift and Control (e.g. Control + Space)

Important – please download and read the manual, and server, from clarkeapps.com/downloads – this will explain how to set the app up

Not enough control? Check out Tap Play: Star Controller – available on the App Store

illawarra mercury

Setup Instruction:
User Manual with full connection instructions at clarkeapps.com/downloads

*If you experience any connection issues it is advised to open port 5583 on any firewalls, to both devices – more detailed troubleshooting is available at our website.*

*If you experience WiFi connection issues please check the following apple support document
http://support.apple.com/kb/TS3304 this is an issue on some first gen iPads and can happen with many networking apps. Star Controller Lite is available to try before you buy*

E-mail support: [email protected]

iPhone 6s

FAQ: clarkeapps.com
Facebook: facebook.com/pages/clarke-apps/127629210616540?ref=search
Twitter: www.twitter.com/clarkeapps

System Requirements: iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone, Wireless Network, PC Running MS Windows XP or newer/ Intel Mac.

Compiled for iOS5

Now requires iOS 4.3 or newer. Please do not update your app if your device does not run iOS 4.3 or newer or you will be unable to run the app.

© David and Alaina Clarke 2011