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Tap Titans

In a world overrun by evil Titans, it is up to you to slay them and restore peace and order. How do you do it? You must tap!

Tap to attack, tap to slay, tap to collect gold, tap to hire heroes.
Tap to activate devastating skills, tap to unlock powerful auras, tap to summon mysterious artifacts.
Tap to explore beautiful worlds, tap to meet helpful fairies, tap to revive heroes, tap to collect lost treasures.

Keep tapping away. You are our last and only hope!

* HIRE 30 animated heroes to help you along your journey
* DEFEAT 60 unique and destructive monsters

calvin ridley

* EXPLORE 10 beautiful, hand-crafted environments
* PRESTIGE to new worlds to collect relics used to buy precious artifacts
* SUMMON 30 powerful artifacts to give your heroes special abilities

– Customizations!
– 3 new heroes: Jackalope, Pixie, Dark Lord

iPhone 7s

– Tournament leaderboard country flags
– Refreshing active skills cooldown is now in perks instead of pressing the skill button
– Rate game feedback panel
– Memory optimizations
– Bug Fix – Power of Holding glitch
– Bug Fix – Heroes infinite DPS
– Bug Fix – Heroes DPS goes to zero at high levels
– Bug Fix – Tournament exploits



– Bug Fix – Missing monster after beating big boss bug
– Bug Fix – Guardian Shield duration
– Bug Fix – Active Skill buttons greyed out
– Bug Fix – x100/x10 buttons sticking out

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