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TaskOnPaper – The Best Ideas Start On Paper

TaskOnPaper – Enter your tasks, projects and notes as simple as "on paper"

*****APPADVICE – TaskOnPaper app lets you enter tasks, projects, and notes just like you would on physical paper. As a continuation of the popular TaskPaper, this app provides an easy way for you to stay productive *****

*****APPADVICE – Take notes, create lists and manage projects with TaskOnPaper*****

TaskOnPaper – return of the legendary TaskPaper in AppStore

*****APPADVICE – As a continuation of the popular TaskPaper, this app provides an easy way for you to stay productive****

This application has nothing superfluous. It is created for managing tasks, projects, notes and to increase productivity.

One of the main advantages of TaskOnPaper – the ability to customize the application’s appearance to your liking, working with several independent documents, powerful search with advanced query language, flexibility of management .

Basic principles of TaskOnPaper – minimalism of idea and interface that implement the simplicity and ease of use.

Basic rules for working with the application:
– To create a project – make a colon at the end of the line
– To create a task – start a line with a hyphen
– To set the tag to the task – write tag with the @ sign
– The text without a colon at the end and a hyphen at the beginning – is considered to be simple notes

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– To define a hierarchy use indents (a space at the beginning of the line)
– To mark a task as completed – just make a swipe from left to right and the problem will be removed like on paper

Key features of TaskOnPaper:
– Sync with Dropbox


– Full compatibility with TaskPaper for Mac – hogbaysoftware.com
– Multi-level folders to store your documents
– The ability to customize interface for yourself
– Work with several independent documents
– Sending by email, print

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– TextExpander integration


– Plain text format (plain text) for to do lists, which can be edited conveniently in any text editor
– A huge number of extensions and applications that support the TaskPaper format (TextMate Bundle, Taskpaper.el for Emacs and others)
– Powerful search with advanced query language, flexibility of management.

A few years ago I enjoyed a great app TaskPaper developed by Jesse Grosjean (Hog Bay Software), first on the phone and then on the Mac.

Its simplicity, convenience and flexibility delighted us. TaskPaper has you in no limit, you simply enter the text like "on paper" set – (dash) it is a task set: (colon) is a project, @ – is a tag.

Around this application formed a huge community, there is a huge number of extensions and applications to work with the TaskPaper format
full list: http://www.hogbaysoftware.com/wiki/TaskPaperRelatedProjects

But it so happened that after the release of iOS 7 the app was no ​​longer updated, the developer had focused on the development of TaskPaper for Mac. That’s why he proposed to develop the version for iOS to other developers.

We contacted the author and asked for permission to develop the application in the future on the iOS platform. For a while I just corrected errors and now ready to present the first version of the application to the public.

This application is not a clone, it’s a further development of the original TaskPaper for iOS.

Hog Bay Software does not assume any responsibility for the work of TaskOnPaper and all feedback and suggestions send us [email protected]

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