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TaskPaper 3 – Plain text to-do lists

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Make lists and get organized. TaskPaper is a plain text to-do list that’s surprisingly adept. Thoroughly modernized. TaskPaper 3 is all new, while still retaining the same plain text design that’s been getting things done since 2006.

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New in TaskPaper 3
• All new app
• More powerful searches
• Flexible and unique folding interface
• More powerful text editor and outliner
• Saved searches; one click away in sidebar
• Relative date and time based searches
• LESS/CSS powered themes
• Extensive Javascript API

Key Features

MacBook Air

• Plain text files; edit anywhere
• Type and your lists are auto formatted
• Projects:, – tasks, notes, and @tags

Steve Jobs

• Text editor speed with outliner power
• Lists within lists within lists…

barbara bush

• Fold, focus, and filter to make big list small
• Drag and drop to organize your list

Mountain Lion

• Fully scriptable and themable
• Getting things done since 2006

Learn More
• http://taskpaper.com

• Fixed Click on Home in the sidebar will now clear any active searches.
• Fixed Delete will now scroll text caret to visible if it’s not already visible.
• Fixed Incorrect text caret position when using Option-Return to create a new item.
• Fixed Better maintain scroll position when editing the outline.
• Fixed Crash when reloading a theme soon after closing a document.
• Fixed Crash when loading a theme with syntax errors.
• Fixed Single pixel wide sidebar on OS X 10.10.

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