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Team Weaver

Team Weaver is an amazing app that lets you collaborate on projects simply and easily. Create a project, add tasks, notes, and attachments, and track hours. Then, invite others to a project by simply sharing a link. No logins, and all data is synced between users of a project.

* Tasks *
Track tasks for your project, assign them to different users, and set reminders. You can also assign categories to tasks. Tasks can have different statuses, such as incomplete, pending, urgent and completed.

* Attachments *


Store attachments relating to your project. Create folders, and import files from any supported document extension app, such as iCloud and Dropbox. You can also import images and videos from the camera or from your photo library. You can also comment on attachments.

* Notes *
With Team Weaver you can create and edit text notes. As you type, anyone else who is viewing the note can see your text appear as you type (as long as you have an Internet or direct connection).

* Time Tracker *
You can track your hours spent on a project with Team Weaver. While tracking your hours, you can pause and resume the timer at any time. You can also manually set the start time and duration, and the team member that it’s for. You can also use the time tracker for billing. When a project has un-billed hours, a clock icon will appear next to the project’s name. There is also a note area for each time tracker event.

* Timeline & Search *
Team Weaver has a powerful timeline and search feature. Using the timeline, you can instantly see the most recent changes to all your projects or an individual project, which added or updated items you haven’t looked at yet, flag items for doing today, or filter the timeline by all tasks or only those tasks assigned to you.

The search feature can be used to search all fields in all items in every project instantly. Simply type in your search terms and the search will return only those items with those search terms.

* Sharing & Synchronisation *
Sharing a project couldn’t be more simple. You can share a link with someone, via AirDrop, email or any supported share extension, and when they tap the link on their device they will be automatically added to the project. You can control each user’s access level, such as the ability to see time tracker events, etc.

All data is synchronised online via our server automatically, but everything is always available even when there’s no Internet access. Data is also synchronised via peer-to-peer connections between users in the same project, via local WiFi as well as direct connections over the Internet when possible. Data can be modified at any time, even when no connections are available, however other users will only see your changes once an Internet or direct connection has been restored.

* Notifications *
Users will automatically get notifications whenever something has been added, modified or removed. Users can also turn off notifications for themselves for individual projects.

* All Features *
– Simple and easy project management
– Share between users without logins

iOS 8

– Track tasks with reminders
– Assign tasks to users
– Store attachments relating to a project
– Support for Document Picker extensions from other apps
– Text notes with real-time updates
– Time tracker with pause/resume, manual entry, billing support and notes
– Time tracker events assigned to a user
– Powerful timeline & search


– Sync data via the Internet or via peer-to-peer connections
– All data can be viewed and modified offline


– Push notifications
– iCloud support
– AirDrop sharing support

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