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Tennis Elbow 2013

Tennis Elbow 2013 is a great tennis game for all tennis lovers, with a fun, realistic gameplay.

With its ultra-realistic ball trajectories, an artificial intelligence that accurately replicates players’ behavior, and a complete range of strikes and game situations, Tennis Elbow 2013 is the only game reproducing the impressions and the emotions of the player on the court with such realism.

You can play on 9 different surfaces : clay, green clay, grass, hard, blue-green hard, classic synthetic, NewLine synthetic, indoor hard and indoor synthetic.

maria sharapova

In world tour, you will have 300 tournaments to play, against 3500 players, over 38 years.

With 60 difficulty levels, everyone will find a pleasing challenge. Its intuitive gameplay will let you easily control the player and the ball, and even if you’re not a tennis fan, you will have a lot of fun !

– 9 different court surfaces, each with a specific rebound
– 3D male & female players fully customizable
– 6 difficulty levels, each split in 10 sublevels
– Singles, 3, and doubles games
– Split screen
– 7 camera modes
– Extended Modding capacities


– 300 tournaments, with 3500 players evolving over 38 years
– Singles, doubles, qualifications, male & female competitions
– Full ranking system

New Features :
– 1 new service style
– Modding : it is now possible to indicate the 2D court texture is of 16:9 ratio
– World Tour : rankings & career’s end wall of fame stats updated to beginning of 2015

Changes :


– Gameplay : safe slice shot is a bit longer & slower, so it’s much easier to do a good passing shot out of it
– Gameplay : sliced volley is a bit shorter so it won’t go out too much when a player has good volley skills
– AI : CPU now handles better short ball at the net, by either volleying them or stepping a bit farther from the bounce
– Gameplay : in some cases, the safe strike done while running forward will lead to a faster & longer ball that can end fault (1)
– Gameplay : racket reach has been slightly increased when running to the sides, to match the run animation that makes the player bends a bit forward
– Gameplay : defender style gets a better shoulder height acceleration, especially when charging long time, but it’s still less good than the one of Power Baseliner and Puncher styles
– Gameplay : shoulder height bonus is now also applied to the short acceleration (2)
– Gameplay : short strike & short acceleration precision significantly enhanced when the opponent is at the net (3)
– Gameplay : volley jump reach has been lowered a bit on clay, especially for volleyer style
– Gameplay : volley acceleration & short acceleration difficulty significantly lowered (4)
– Gameplay : strike speed handicap on difficulty ball for the acceleration & short acceleration slightly lowered when the consistency skill is high (5)
– AI : CPU handles better the situation when its opponent does a safe strike following by a net rush
– AI : CPU does slightly better passing shots (ie: it tries to aim farther from its opponent)
– AI : CPU covers a bit more its back when running back to the center (and a tiny bit less the opposite side), so it’s a bit harder to wrong-foot it
– AI : CPU lobs less often, except if its opponent is very close of the net
– AI : CPU volley quality noticeably raised ; ie: its reach isn’t better than before, but if it hits the ball, it’ll do less faults and better volleys

Bug fixes :


– AI : CPU was something deciding to smash, but was still using the volley animation
– AI : CPU wasn’t stepping in if needed on return of serve, and thus could easily be aced by slow sliced serves
– World Tour: players weren’t wearing white/grey for UK Slam
– World Tour : loading a different saved game was losing the current match score

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