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Text Vision – Walk and Compose posts Safely UPDATED

Text Vision adds a Spin on Texting, Emailing, updating Twitter Statuses, and Posting to Facbeook!

Now you can compose emails/texts/facebook statuses/twitter updates/twitpic posts all in one application. What’s so unique about this application? You never miss a second of the world around you while composing your messages.

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Your background is what your iPhone’s built-in camera sees.

No more running into walls, cars, trucks, people, signs, buildings, etc…


No more tripping either 🙂
**BE SAFE** Let your iPhone’s camera watch for hazards while you text without worrying!

– Easy to use interface

– Easy access to contacts

– Ability to compose text messages and emails from one application


iOS 9

– Now you can compose Facebook Status updates and Twitter Updates all from within the application itself.

– Easily take a picture while composing a message with the camera button on the textfield. Once you take a picture preview it by tapping on its preview icon on the bottom right of the text field.

-Now you can compose a post for just about anything safely while being able to see through your camera.

– See what your camera sees while texting.

[for full instructions look in the application about page]

What are people saying?



"We recently reviewed the Type n Walk app for the iPhone and were not too impressed. Another app has caught our eye[Text Vision] promising what Type n Walk failed to deliver. Fortunately we were not disappointed twice."



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I’d like to thank Vincenzo Grassia[@vsg1990] for making the loadscreen graphics and icon.

**When Sending a Text with Text Vision. Whatever text and pictures you compose through the app will be copied to your clipboard. When Text Vision closes and your Messages app opens all you have to do is tap your finger on the bar and press paste**


– A long awaited feature — in-app texting. Now you can send your texts without leaving the app. (Only works on devices running iOS4)

– Added xAuth for Twitter so now it will say "from Text Vision" instead of "from API"

– Fixed a HUGE Facebook bug that was causing the app to crash for many people

– Fixed an issue where "shake to show the phone/email textfields" stopped working after iOS4 was released. The shaking was replaced with a button.

– Fixed some memory issues

– Fixed an issue where when posting photos to any service it would become distorted.

Thanks for all the support! If you have any issues please let me know at [email protected] or follow me on twitter – @shabzcohelp

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