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Automate the drudgery and repetitive steps of manually fixing up the text you work with.

Soap is in our name. Use TextSoap to clean text, word documents, outgoing email, web pages, and more, Wash away unwanted characters, spaces, tabs, remove or fix formatting issues. Fix paragraphs with hard returns at the end of each line, extra spaces, extra tabs and more. Clean up your text all while (optionally) maintaining the text’s fonts, character styles, and colors.


– Maintains character style information as it fixes text.
– Find by style, then change either style, text, or both.

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– Find by text, then change either style, text, or both.
– Use Scrub cleaner to handle common formatting errors.
– Choose from over 100+ built-in cleaner solutions.


– Create virtually unlimited custom cleaner solutions to meet your specific needs. Just drag and drop among the 40+ actions into a step-by-step custom list.
– Use built-in groups to organize by function, or build your own custom groups to organize cleaners by task, function, or any other criteria you need.


– Full Unicode regular expressions support.
– Regex lab shows your regular expression matches as you type.
– Conditional actions provides IF-THEN functionality to simplify working with a smaller subsets of text.


– Advanced attribute option finds and changes text and font attributes.

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* Additional improvements to support OS X Yosemite.
* Addressed a crashing issue when trying to display text that contains certain control characters.
* Additional bug fixes.

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