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The Quick Board

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The Quick Board is an easy-to-use assessment and training system used by Sports Medicine and Performance staffs around the world.  The Quick Board app syncs to The Quick Board sensor board with the QBiAd interface accessory. To view pricing and options or to place an order, please visit –

The QBiAd and sensor board are compatible with:
iPad (3rd Generation)
iPad 2

The Quick Board App Capabilities:

-Delivers valid, reliable data.
-Customize exercises to begin objectively tracking your current protocols.
-Program drills to target bilateral and unilateral speed, reaction, strength, stability, coordination, proprioception, balance and mobility.
-Record demo videos and save them to custom drills and exercises.
-Create user profiles for saving user’s results.
-Graphs results and displays a percentage improvement or decrease.
-Email user results spreadsheets.

What is The Quick Board used for?

Performance Training


iPhone 6

-Improves functional performance through physical and neurological training.


-Engages and motivates athletes with instant feedback during exercises.
-Focusing on the tablet, not the sensor board, during drills maximizes proprioceptive benefit.

Performance Testing
-Captures data to track an athlete’s training progress.
-Provides objective variables to aid in justifying progression.
-Assists in making objective return-to-play decisions.

-Evaluates the effectiveness of a rehabilitation program by comparing pre versus post injury drill results.
-Restores pre-injury communication between the brain and the injured body part, neurologically rehabilitating the athlete.
-Implement progressive protocols which can shorten the duration of the rehabilitation.

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