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The Vault

==[ Want to give The Vault a try for free? The Vault for iOS is a free download! ]==

Do you…

Snow Leopard

… have trouble remembering tens or hundreds of online passwords?
… write passwords down somewhere, even though you know this is not the safest thing to do?
… use the same ("cleverly" modified) password in multiple places, instead of using properly randomized passwords that offer the best security?

barry humphries

… sometimes wish you had a photo of a creditcard, passport or other document handy?


… want to securely store lots of other confidential information, photos, animated GIFs, office documents, you name it?
… want all this to be secure, but still very simple to use?

Then "The Vault" is for you!

The Vault provides straightforward, easy to use, secure storage for all your documents and other data, such as passwords, login credentials and any other confidential information. It can securely store any number of documents, images, screenshots or photos along with your confidential information.

* 256-bit AES encryption *
While storage and access is simple, The Vault uses rock-solid, industry standard encryption.


– The Vault is very simple to use, yet it employs industry-standard encryption to keep your data safe.


(Some other payed apps do too, but some apps advertised as "secure" really do not, and for example save your data using a simple base-64 encoding: your information looks scrambled, but is as readable as plain text when you know how).

– The Vault can securely store photos and pictures; for example a scan of your passport, a photo of your credit card, or just the serial numbers of some equipment you own. Anything.

– The Vault can securely store *any* office or other document.

– The Vault can securely store – and play – animated GIFs.

– Securely storing photos and documents is as easy as drag-and-dropping them on an open Note.

– Proper random password generation

– Auto-shields sensitive information

– Securely synchronizes with The Vault for iOS !

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